If you started your law firm some time ago but do not get enough clients, you must ask yourself why this is happening. The most probable reason is that your business website is not visible to potential clients. Hiring a digital marketing agency for your law firms offers the following benefits in a nutshell:

1- It is cost effective
2- Provides authoritativeness
3- Increases relevant traffic
4- Increased ROI

If you think you’ve wasted several thousands on online marketing without any results – ask yourself what went wrong. Perhaps you have read a lot about how to promote your business online and tried managing social media marketing, search engine optimization, and content marketing yourself. Perhaps you hired a freelancer to manage it for you – but still nothing good happened.

Here is why you need to hire a digital marketing agency for law firms now.

How a Digital Marketing Agency for Law Firms Ensures Proper Marketing

Hiring the right kind of digital marketing agency for law firms can be tricky. There are all kinds of law firm marketing agencies out there. You will come across some that only want your money and to get it, they make fake promises, show no improvements, nor provide reports of their work. You may also come across others that are reasonable and friendly but fail in showing progress with your marketing.

However, once you hire the right agency that delivers on its commitments, you can be sure you get value for your money.

Attorney Marketing Hub is a different kind of digital marketing agency for law firms. What is different is that we analyze, evaluate, and suggest approaches that are best for your business to become visible to the right potential clients within the shortest possible time. We offer a combination of different services (all-in-one) so that you do not have to do anything. All you do is focus on your growing practice as we get your business more leads.

Here is how we do law firm digital marketing:

1.     Clients’ Personal Focused Approach

Depending on your niche (whether it is criminal law, family law, immigration law, etc.) the marketing strategy needs a client specific approach. We do not use the same strategies for every niche. Our approach is always research based, in which we study the local market of your practice, the competition in that area, and then we plan our approach. Our marketing plans aim to put your expertise in front of the potential clients using content that urges them to click on the link to hire you. It is not a promotional approach, rather we use an informative approach.

2.     Making Your Law Firm Website Easy to Find Online

Having a mobile-friendly, easy to use website is crucial for the success of your law firm’s marketing campaign. If you already have a great website, we will just use it as it is, or make some minor fixes to optimize it. However, based in our experience as a digital marketing agency for law firms if we feel you need a better website, we will recommend it. The reason for this is that we live in a mobile age. Technological advancements warrant changes in the technology supporting websites. If your website is old and outdated, it will not work well with different mobile devices. This makes it difficult to make your business visible to the numerous potential clients out there.

Without a proper website with good loading speed and ease in navigation, we cannot succeed in using it for Google Maps, Google ads and other places to engage clients. Poor websites often have slow load speed and higher bounce rate which is not good.

3.      Conversion Rate Optimization

Based on our years of experience, most clients who run Google ads complain that they wasted several thousands of dollars but did not get enough leads. This is because they are not doing it right. First, conversion rate optimization is not only about your ad copy. You need to make sure you use the right keywords, set the right audiences, and then work on the optimization of the ads consistently. This requires a lot of work; it is not just a one-time thing. Moreover, you need to try new landing pages, create a marketing funnel to engage the most likely to convert leads. Therefore, it is best in your interest to hire a digital marketing agency for law firms. You cannot make time for all this – so let we experts do it for you.

4.     Creating a Strong Social Media Presence

Social media plays a very important role in law firm marketing. You may not realize it yet, but if you make some time to research it, you will find numerous law firms making a strong presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Apart from Yelp and similar platforms, these social platforms prove to be very important. It is a fact that 70-80% of social media users use these platforms to find what they need. Moreover, they use these platforms several times a day. Not making your law firm visible on these platforms is a major setback. We manage your social media presence for you so you do not need to worry about designing the images, adding the hashtags, and writing the blurbs to go with them.

5.     Creating Great Content

By now, you must already know it – content is everything. However, writing blogs and planning the use of keywords for SEO reasons is not something you would want to get into because it requires a lot of time. Moreover, with the progress made, the content marketing strategy needs re-centering. This is what my team and I do for you to get the best out of your Law firm digital marketing campaigns. This unique and personalized approach we offer our clients as a digital marketing agency for law firms makes us stand out from others out there. We make sure we produce informative, high quality, and original content to add to your on-page blogs. We also create the backlinks for you so you do not need to worry about anything. To back our performance and to prove we are paying full attention to your website’s progress, we provide a monthly report as well.

Advantages of Working with Attorney Marketing Hub

As a digital marketing agency for law firms, we offer you the convenience of having all you need in one place.

  1. Improved or new website design and performance
  2. Increased business visibility
  3. Increased website traffic, i.e., more website leads
  4. Stronger social media presence and reputation for your expertise
  5. Better ranking on Google
  6. Optimized Google Ads performance

If you still have any questions or concerns about law firm digital marketing before letting us help, feel free to contact us. We are here to assist because we like seeing out clients grow.