When people need legal services, how do they know which law firm is the best fit for their needs? Many people search on Google or Bing and other search engines using terms like “online for lawyers.” In fact, according to the 2019 legal status report, 57% of people look for a lawyer on their own. About 17% of the people looking for lawyers online actually visit the law firm’s office. Moreover, most people click on the PPC law firm ads showing on top of the search results. Therefore, SEO and PPC for law firms are important strategies for your business website to be visible on search engines.

Investing in online marketing using law firm ads is a great way to find new clients. It brings in your targeted clients based on their searches because they were looking for your specific legal services. Here are 9 special tips to ensure the success of your PPC law firm campaigns:

#1 Define Your Target Clients

Who are your target clients? For example, if you specialize in family law, your potential clients would be those in need of help with child custody, filing a divorce, or inheritance cases. What types of terms would these people search for online? How good is the search volume for those keywords and what is the estimated cost per click for these keywords?

If you add keywords that are too general like “lawyer in the US” or “best lawyer in the US,” Google will show your ad to anyone seeking legal help all over the country. It will also show your ad to people in need of criminal lawyers, or other practices. The more irrelevant searches the ads appear in the more unnecessary clicks you get, and the more money you waste. Know your target clients, understand their needs, and their searches to make the most effective PPC law firm ads.

#2 Target your Audience

As you already know, without having a specific client’s persona in mind you cannot have a successful PPC law firm campaign. You know the interest, goals, and targets of potential clients. Research and study your target market. Look for information like, who are your clients, where do they live, how much is their average income, what is their preference to communicate their challenges, and what are their interests? This information can be useful to create a very good target audience. You will not need to worry about all this once you hire Attorney Marketing Hub for PPC law firm advertising services. Our experts can make your work easier and as efficient as possible for you.

#3 Use the Right Keywords

For the PPC campaign to be successful it must be cost-effective. You need to be sure that your ad spend is not wasting away by showing your ads to the wrong people. The ad shows to the people who look for the keywords you add to your campaign. This is where the use of exact match, broad match, and phrase match comes in. Only experience teaches you how to use the right keywords. Having spent nearly 8+ years working as a law firm marketing executive, I (the owner of Attorney Marketing Hub) have the expertise and experience to make sure your ads use the right keywords to avoid wasting your money. With the right keywords, the chances of landing good leads with the potential to convert into paying clients are higher. Let me and my team handle your keyword research and set up your PPC law firm ads.

#4 Use the Keyword Planner

Google ads keyword planner helps you to find new keywords by checking your (or your competitor’s) website to find similar keywords. you can use their keywords in your PPC law firm campaigns. However, using it right requires expertise, so it is best to leave it to the experts at our lawyer PPC agency.

Discover new keywords that are related to your PPC law firm campaigns and target your customers. You will get suggestions for keywords that are related to your services and website. View an estimated amount of searches a keyword gets every month. Set the average ad spend amount for your ad to show on keyword searches. See how your keywords fit into different ways related to your brand. Since a PPC campaign centers on in-depth keyword research, fixing an estimated spending plan for specific keywords is a great idea.

#5 Set Goals for PPC for Law Firms

Setting and achieving goals is an important aspect of PPC marketing for law firms. Without achieving goals, it is difficult for any business to be successful. Setting goals helps plan and execute the best PPC law firm strategies. This practice enables measuring achievements, evaluating setbacks, and making the strategies better. Moreover, setting goals helps keep the campaign on track. As you achieve the set goals, you can plan other aspects of online marketing by allocating the right amount of budget. As a lawyer PPC agency that prioritizes its clients’ interest above money, we work with precision to maximize your ad budget.

#6 Target the Location of Your PPC Law Firm Campaign

Target the geographic region where you practice. You can save a significant amount of ad spend by showing your ads to specific people seeking your legal practice within a limited location. The larger the region you include in the campaign the larger the budget you need. Why pay for showing ads where you do not practice?

Set geographical parameters based on your practice locations. You will be able to save your advert from showing to unnecessary people, thereby decreasing the amount of money you spend on clicks.

#7 Write Ad Copy Of Your Potential Clients Cannot Ignore

PPC Law Firm Marketing 9 Tips for Success

Use the copy of your Ad to attract search users and your potential clients. Highlight what makes you a much better attorney than your competition. Support your statement with a (CTA) call-to-action such as “Call Now” or “Make an Appointment.”

Copywriting requires experience to determine which message resonates most with users. The goal for them is to click through to your website and finally make a booking with you to learn how to help them try to set up different Ad versions and let them run for a week. Thus, you can see which one is performing best and distribute your budget accordingly.

#8 Make Your ad Copy Attention-grabbing

Never copy someone else’s ad copy – this is the first rule in making your ad copy attention-grabbing. Then the content must capture the interest of the target clients. The image must be relevant to what you offer in your ad. Also, the ad copy must begin with captivating information and end with a good call to action. Keep it concise and professional.

#9 Study Your Analytics

Never run PPC ads without setting up Google analytics. PPC for law firms depends on tracking five crucial metrics:

  1. Quality Score
  2. Click Through Rate
  3. Cost per Click
  4. Conversion Rate
  5. Cost of Conversion

The degree of relevancy of your ad improves the quality score, increases click-through rate, reduces the cost per click, increases conversion rate, and minimizes cost per conversion. In the end, a good ad campaign has these features. These metrics tell how good your ad copy is and how optimized your ad campaign is. If your ad is not performing too well, it requires constant optimization and filtering for negative keywords. Making a PPC ad campaign successful is not a one-time thing and is a process that takes time. This is why; it is best to let a lawyer PPC agency like Attorney Marketing Hub handle it for you.

If you are disappointed with the PPC law firm campaigns you or someone else has set up before, let us have an opportunity to change the game for you. Contact us today.