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Immigration law is all about the requirements an individual must fulfil to qualify to immigrate into any country. Once immigration is complete, the immigrant must ensure compliance with all the laws and regulations of the country and maintain good conduct. Should someone enter illegally or engage in unlawful and illegal activities, immigration lawyers come into the picture to handle the case for the individual. Likewise, sometimes, misunderstandings and false complaints lead to problems, and in this case, the person needs an immigration attorney to help handle the case.

What Does an Immigration Lawyer Do?

For one to need an immigration lawyer means the person has a problem with the immigration.

Immigration is when people decide to move from one country to another for permanent or long-term relocation.

In the U.S., the immigration law determines the rules set by the federal government for deciding who may enter and stay in the country and for how long. Also, it runs a naturalization process for those who seek U.S citizenship. But if foreign nationals break the rule and enter without permission or overstay, then immigration law takes charge of their detention and removal proceedings.

In general, people from foreign countries get permission to enter the country through a visa. However, visas are of two types: immigrant visas for those who want to be permanent and employed. The other one is nonimmigrant visa for the students, tourists, and visitors who come for temporary visits.

The immigration law suggests that a person can become a U.S. national in four methods.

  • If they are born in the country
  • If the parents have citizenship
  • By going through the naturalization process, which involves some aspects of residency and citizenship test
  • If one or more of your parents are naturalized citizens

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